Created by The Feelgood Band 2019.  Anything you don't like, let us know!

Now in its 7th year The Feelgood Band continues to "boldly go" where only Lee, Wilko, Sparko and Figure have gone before!  Our mission?  To seek out and recreate the sounds and energy of the original Dr.Feelgood line-up. 

The quotes on the Welcome page are real, and we only use quotes from those who have seen the band live.  

We’re proud that Wilko Johnson,  Sparko,  The Big Figure, Dean Kennedy,  Will Birch and Malcolm Wilkinson (Wilko's bro) have all seen the Feelgood Band live more than once, have taken the time to provide feedback and given us permission to use it.  They should know, they were there, right from the start of the Canvey revolution. What a thrill!

We're super thrilled that we've been joined onstage by Wilko Johnson, Sparko and Dennis Greaves (Nine Below Zero)!

It’s hard work pushing a 45 year old concept to venues/promoters who weren’t born when it happened, but the reward comes when so many people take the time to tell us we "do it right" and many more are "getting it" for the first time.

We do it simply as fans, we wanted to be able to hear the songs played the way the original lineup played them. Delighted to have reached so many.


Thank you for your support.  Enjoy the videos and the MP3's but try to get along to a gig, it's the only way to experience it properly!